The Charm of Amsterdam

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I’ve lounged on the beaches in Barcelona, indulged in pasta by the Trevi, sipped coffee in Parisian cafes and admired the Christmas markets in Prague; yet, no European city has captured my heart quite like Amsterdam. Teeming with open-minded youth, an eco-friendly bicycle culture and distinctive Dutch architecture, the capital of the Netherlands is easily my favorite city. […]

Tips for Cheap Travel

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I have slowly mastered the art of cheap globetrotting. It required many mistakes and mishaps to transform me into the budget traveler I am today. Now, with the bank account of a poor, post-graduate, I am still managing to maintain my jet-setting profile. Here are my top tips for cheap travel: BE OPEN-MINDED This is […]

Sunset Chasing in California

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A pink sky, dotted with the shadows of palm trees will be eternally etched in my memory. The sunsets and sunrises I witnessed while exploring the Golden state were hypnotizing, reflecting the aura of California itself; dreamy, unique and inspiring. Our journey began in San Diego, where I observed my first California sunset. Sitting at […]

The Magic of Kauai

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Have you ever visited somewhere that was so ethereal and unspoiled that your mind couldn’t decipher whether you were experiencing fantasy or reality? This is how I felt every day, wandering around the unearthly paradise of Kauai.  This dot of land, positioned in the middle of a vast, indigo ocean, is the oldest island within […]

How to Survive Oktoberfest

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How would I describe Oktoberfest? The month long festival hosted in Munich, Germany is arguably the wildest party that has ever occurred. Each year, millions of international people cram into tents sporting traditional German wear, with nothing to do but drink, eat and dance. Everyone should experience the chaos of Oktoberfest once in their life. I, on […]

A Different Side of Vegas

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Las Vegas, Nevada: renowned for its casino’s, shows and extravagant hotels. People come from all over the world to experience the atmosphere of this vibrant city, located in the Mojave Desert. Unfortunately, many seem to overlook the limitless activities that Vegas has to offer, other than drinking and gambling. I have done “Vegas” before. I […]

Iceland in 2 Days

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Despite its minute size, there is a European country that possesses some of the most ethereal landscapes on earth. After years of flying under the radar, Iceland has finally acquired ample attention from travelers. The country is now pinned on almost every vagabond’s map, as social media has revealed the stunning geysers and volcanoes that […]