Iceland in 2 Days

Despite its minute size, there is a European country that possesses some of the most ethereal landscapes on earth. After years of flying under the radar, Iceland has finally acquired ample attention from travelers. The country is now pinned on almost every vagabond’s map, as social media has revealed the stunning geysers and volcanoes that lie abundantly on its surface.

While planning my latest European journey, I had no intention of visiting this Nordic region. I avidly try to avoid visiting cold areas altogether. I have always preferred swimsuits to scarves and sunscreen to chapstick. Therefore, a country named after ice sounded downright nauseating. However, I am a sucker for flight deals. It turned out that a very inexpensive flight to Germany was available if I was willing to endure a two-day layover in Reykjavik. Saving money on flights provided me with a more flexible budget once I arrived, so I overcame my frigophobia, booked the trip and began researching Icelandic adventures.

Through my research, I discovered that Iceland is a very expensive place. Pre-booking tours ensured that I would experience the main attractions in a specified timeframe, as well as preventing excess spending after I arrived in the exorbitant country. The tours that I chose were The Golden Circle and Blue Lagoon.

The Golden Circle tour is a full day expedition to three stunning attractions. The first stop was Thingvellir National Park, which was a majestic display of unique fields and mountains. I had never experienced such a serene, unspoiled display of nature.

Next, we visited a Geyser that went off every few minutes, encouraging cheers from hundreds of tourists that gathered around to witness the natural phenomenon. Unsurprisingly, I escaped from the crowd and hiked the nearby mountain to discover a view of the geyser as well as a panoramic view of the lush countryside.

The last stop on our Nordic expedition was Gulfoss waterfall. Reykjavik Excursions (the tour company I booked through) certainly saved the best for last. I was completely enamored with the power and allure of the waterfall. I could’ve spent hours at the cliff, admiring the picturesque view.

The following day, we took a trip to the renowned Blue Lagoon. Though this attraction is overdone and expensive, it is well worth it. The lagoon offered tranquil water, facial masks, scenery and most importantly, a swim up bar. Conveniently, we scheduled our tour bus to take us directly from the lagoon to the airport, where we would take an overnight flight to Germany, saving us another expensive night in Reykjavik. 

If you find yourself looking for cheap flights to Europe, or fancy yourself an entire Icelandic vacation, you will not be disappointed in your visit to this magical country. Just be prepared before you come or else your bank account might suffer the consequences.