The Netherlands

The Charm of Amsterdam

I’ve lounged on the beaches in Barcelona, indulged in pasta by the Trevi, sipped coffee in Parisian cafes and admired the Christmas markets in Prague; yet, no European city has captured my heart quite like Amsterdam.

Teeming with open-minded youth, an eco-friendly bicycle culture and distinctive Dutch architecture, the capital of the Netherlands is easily my favorite city.





From the canals that glow at night, to the small, cozy restaurants, the city has a romantic aesthetic.

No matter the season, Amsterdam acclimates. It thrives in sunshine or autumn foliage, with spring tulips or snow covered canals. You can always count on the city to be beautiful and bustling, as the Dutch will appear effortless on their bikes, regardless of the climate.


If you find yourself in my favorite city, take a canal tour, visit the Van Gogh, Stedelijk and Rijksmuseum. Don’t forget to explore Vondelpark and take a train ride through the Dutch countryside.

If you want to feel like a real Amsterdammer, rent a bike to ride around the city. I suggest doing this only if you can keep up, or you will be introduced to insults and curse words in Dutch.





Make sure to try the local foods such as oliebollen, stroopwafel and my personal favorite, poffertjes.




It is nearly impossible to emulate the appeal of Amsterdam, unless you are there experiencing the city for yourself.

However, Agata, who runs the incredible Instagram account @windmilldreams certainly does the city justice, by photographing a multitude of hidden spots and shops, never failing to reflect the vibe of Amsterdam. At her discretion, I used the photos from her Instagram in this post, as I feel they represent the unequiovcal charm of Amsterdam.